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Google's Olympic Doodle Games

To celebrate the Olympics Google's doodles will have everyone doing a lot less work this week. From the Google homepage you can access the daily 'Doodles' which let you play in a different event each day depending on the day's Olympic action.

If you work in an office I'm sure there's going to be a lot of rivalry between colleagues vying for office titles. The two so far have been fantastically addictive. Keep checking back daily to see the new games.

7th August - Hurdles

This one is easy you just have to get accross the line in the quickest time. You control the run by pressing each arrow key (left and right) in sequence and pressing the space bar to jump. Our best time is 10.4 but know someone who got 9.4.

Play Hurdles here


8th August - Basketball


Basketball is a little more complex than Hurdles but follows the same formula. You press the space bar to throw the ball holding it to throw it further. We've not had much chance to play on this yet (have serious work to do) but our best score is 21.

Play Basketball here


9th August - Slalom Canoe

The aim of canoe slalom is to get to the other side of the track as quickly as possibly. You do this by using the arrow keys to paddle and steer. There are gates but we missed them all and wasn't penalised (we don't think!?) but you get a small boost for going through them.

Play Slalom Canoe here


10th August - Soccer

Soccer is a little bit different from the games earlier in the week. The aim is to save as many shots as possible until you let 3 in. Therefore theoretically the score you can get is unlimited.

Play Soccer here


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