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When does Christmas Start?

It sounds like a silly question doesn't it. When does Christmas start... it's obvious isn't it the 25th December. But advertising agencies and brands seem to think it starts in mid-November. So when is it acceptable to start Christmas shopping and getting into the 'Christmas Cheer'. I know what you're all thinking. This is going to be a 'Scroogy' dictatorial piece on how not to enjoy Christmas. Well the fact is it isn't. I love Christmas just like everyone else but we need to clear a few things up first.

Christmas Cheer (Image: http://s0.geograph.org.uk/photos/29/82/298278_cd76564b.jpg)So it's now the 3rd of December and the Advent calendars are already out. You'd probably think that it's acceptable to start belting out the Christmas hits and get the mulled wine out. Well it really isn't. By the time Christmas comes around you'll have had enough of it for the next year. Why can't we just wait a little longer so that we can really savour that special time of the year?

Now what's even worse is the fact that ad agencies think they can belt Christmas at us from mid-September. I'm not saying you shouldn't get your Chrismas shopping early but we don't need Chrismas trees up in our shopping centres before December the 1st.

So please please please can we stop celebrating (or even marketing Christmas) before December 1st. Even Coke have begun to show their 'Holidays are Coming' ad earlier and earlier every year. I'm no Scrooge but by the time Chrismas actually comes around I'm so fed up of hearing those same hits belted out year after year that the magical feeling is gone.

So before you crack open the mince pies think to yourself... can I wait a few more days to make it extra special?

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