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Do we really need the Royal Family?

As the new Royal baby emerges it sparks up the age old debate of the validity of the UK monarchy. France, Spain and many others have deposed of their monarchs whilst us Brits have clung on to ours as their power has slowly dinished. Although one of two grumbles are always audible the majority of the country, if not in support of our monarchy, then shows a certain degree of apathy towards the sacred family. So does the monarchy still play a role in todays society?


Watching the first glimpses of Prince Windsor today it was hard to not feel a sense of attachment and patriotism towards the new family. It is hard to deny that Catherine and William have been a huge sensation and have taken leaps and bounds in returning the often muddied reputation of the Royal Family. After the Dianna and Charles fiasco the Royals' reputation had taken a battering which now looks to be on the up again after the jubilations following the royal wedding. So do we need them, the Royals? 

Well to start with the Royal Families' reputation as a stabilising factor in our economy and society acts as a draw for any potential investment. The UK has for hundreds of years provided a sensible and stable option for overseas agents looking to make a safe investment. Since the Bank of England's creation in 1694 Britain demonstrated its commitment to protecting and securing foreign investors' capital. It's impossible to calculate over the years how much this tots up to but it is definitely a factor in investors minds.

Secondly, although not always apparent, the Queen plays a significant role in the day to day governing of the UK. Every bill passed by Parliament must be then given Royal Assent by the Queen herself acting as a check on Parliamentary power. In effect the Queen passes every bill presented before her; but in the case that Parliament abused its power the Queen acts as a check upon those abuses.

Finally, from a personal point of view, I don't see any harm with keeping our Royals. They play an important role in our society and the Queen provides an ideal figure head to be adored and cherished. The traditional element of society that no longer represents the remnants of a landed aristocracy of wealth but the highest echelon of our society.

For now at least. The Royals are here to stay.


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