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Chiddy Bang Breakfast Review

Chiddy Bang hit another winner. Is this a breakfast that will keep us coming back for dinner, tea and desert or be left feeling hungry? The Hip-hop duo's new album is a mix of genres, feels and samples to create a unique and mindblowing first album.

Chiddy Bang

The debut that isn’t a debut

The Philadelphia duo’s debut album was originally scheduled for summer 2011 but was pushed back to November and finally February 2012. But can we really call it a debut album? Since 2009 Chiddy Bang have released 4 Mixtapes and hits such as The Opposite of Adults which gained a huge amount of airplay in the UK and US. This is their first officially released album and the result is amazing.


And we’re pretty much amazing!

The sound of the album is very much in tone with the feel and style of the group’s earlier work. It’s hard to categorize or classify this sound of what can only be termed ‘alternative hip-hop’.  They fuse styles and sample from artists from Ellie Goulding to MGMT and Radiohead. Since Prettymuchamazing blog introduced them to the world in 2009 we have never looked back as their unique sound is exactly what hip-hop needs in an era of overly manufactured beats and mediocre rap.


What’s not to like?

I’m usually picky when it comes to album tracks. Most hip-hop/rap/RnB artists today will have a few tracks they plan to release and the rest of the album is usually ‘filler’. This is definitely not the case with Chiddy Bang. You can tell they put everything into every song on the album and the result is an amazing fusion of styles, genres and samples. They are just as good as recognising and sampling a good hook as writing their own. I’ve picked out a few of the tracks that deserve a special mention but it must be said the only track that lacks sparkle is the lead track Breakfast.


The run down

Chiddy Bang Breakfast

Mind your manners samples the hook from Swedish electro-pop girl duo Icona Pop’s single Manners. The result is simply mind blowing. Chiddy manages to flip the sound on its head and produce an amazing feel good track that will have you listening again and again.

Ray Charles is a tongue in cheek homage to the late star. In typical Chiddy Bang fashion they manage to get a feel for the sound of the soul legend whilst adding their own twist. It oozes appeal and charm with a catchy piano riff and lighthearted jazz feel.

Run it back has more of a pop feel to it and has a retro feel to the chorus. The verse is tight as ever and is testament to how versatile this outfit is.

Whatever we want is one of the most underappreciated tracks on the album. For me this is one of the best tracks, typically Chiddy in its individuality. Elements of it feel grimy but it still has Chiddy’s characteristic fun flow.

4th Quarter again is completely different to any other track on the album. Full of swagger and appeal which would be just at home on the Detroit rap scene.


Final thoughts

This album is exactly what the hip-hop scene needs. Chiddy Bang is exactly what the hip-hop scene needs. Every track the pair produces draws you in with their childish charm. Breakfast is definitely one of the stand out albums of this year and this is a perfect time to introduce you to the sound of Chiddy Bang.

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