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Glutton For Punishment: Week 1

Right, for those of you following on from my previous article, here is a brief summary telling you what I bought food wise last Tuesday. In no particular order, I purchased:

Sundried tomatoes- £2.27

Tomato pasta and cous cous salad box- £1.64

3 bananas- 64p

1 cooked chicken- £2.14

Grated carrot- 50p

Half a cucumber- 40p

1 tin John West tuna- £1.50

2 packs of Asda smart price noodles- 22p (unbelievable!)

1 Asda smart price tin of tuna 55p (unbelievable… barely resembled anything that could have possibly derived from a fish)


That came in total to £9.86. I had some food remnants from the first few days I was here, such as 2 “not quite Pot Noodles”, and some chocolate which was destroyed almost as soon as my self-enforced famine began. But either way, that is barely a cupboard full of food, and that was this week’s staple. Not even enough spare cash to buy a bloody Freddo!! (20p? What a rip off! I remember when they used to be half that price! Maybe I am just showing my age…)

 So all in all, I should be happy with myself. My first week of food budgeting done, I came under budget, and I haven’t collapsed due to hypoglycemia just yet. But I am not. I am the epitome of total culinary dejection, such that if anyone waved a steak in front of my nose I would claw them to death with my bare (or should that be bear?) hands, and ate the meat raw, like a lion that had been purposefully starved and antagonised with an electrical stick.

 The only thing that hasn’t been devoured in a state of total gluttony (minus the availability of glutton) has been the grated carrot, which tasted so foul that words escape even me as to best summate it. French dressing failed to rescue this desperate situation either, so that’s 50p saved for next time (a positive outlook on saying it was 50p wasted this time).

So, week 1 (un)satisfactorily done. Tomorrow’s the shopping trip with just another tenner to use. I shall try not to resort to the finer things in life as I may have done this week, and keep it simple, and as nutritious as possible. It’s extreme Supermarket Sweep, minus Dale Winton commenting on people’s bananas.


PS. My main article on something completely un-related is being published on Wednesday.

PPS. If anyone from the Mother’s Union wants to donate tins of soup free of charge to aid my cause, I will love you forever.


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