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3M Di-Noc Carbon Fibre

3M has been one of the leaders of the film industry especially in the last few years. The Di-Noc film in particular has been extemely popular amongst car enthusiasts and those wanting to give a whole host of items a carbon fibre look.

The first thing to say is that the film is of an extremely hight quality. It's extremely thick and durable and is rated to last for 4 years outdoors and 12 years indoors by 3M. It really looks the real deal the way it reflects the light and a cursory glance isn't enough to distinguish it from the real thing. There are a whole host of carbon fibre films out there but there is no doubt that this is the most sophisticated and best looking one out there by a long shot.

3M Di-Noc Carbon FibreIt can be applied to almost any surface. The self adhesive film will stick to almost anything and fitting on a flat surface doesn't require any manipulation at all. Applying it to a curved surface or anything trickier requires a heat gun (or hairdryer) to make the film a little more flexible but a little bit of patience and the results are perfect. 

Most of the applications I've attempted have been automative, from simpler jobs such as the roof (unless curved) to more complex jobs such as the wing mirrors. But you can also fit it to much smaller items such as mobile phone cases or ipods if you want to give your gadgets a new lease of life. 

There is no doubt that if you're looking for a carbon fibre look film 3M's Di-Noc is the best option out there. It is much pricier but there are outlets out there that are good value. We purchased ours from CarbonMods.co.uk which was by far the cheapest and would definitely recommend them as they're really helpful and we were able to receive ours via next day delivery. 


There are other cheaper films out there but if you're serious about getting a good result then Di-Noc is the only option.


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