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5 Concept Cars we want

Concept cars constantly fascinate us. At any Motor Show these masterpieces usually draw in the bigger crowds than the new releases. They allow manufacturers to really explore outside the box without legal constraints or EU regulations. Some of these were never meant to go into production. Other were supposed to go into production but were too impossible to envision. Others may go into future production but aren't due for a while. Other may have snook intil production but were limited to one or two. We take a look at a few we would have liked to have seen.

BMW Concept Vision Efficient Dynamics

BMW i8 Motor MouthThe CVED has a 1.5litre 3 cylinder engine that works in tandem with 2 electric motors on the front and rear axles. This gives it the potential to reach up to 250km/h (approx. 160mph which sounds a little less impressive). A turbocharger helps to produce 349bhp and the car will shift from 0-60 mph in 4.6 seconds. The Car is called 'Efficient Dynamics' because that's exactly what BMW was trying to produce: acar that not only was efficient by dynamic in its looks. The car is supposed to go into production in 2013 but under a new brand BMW i which will be separate from BMW and Mini entirely. Although this doesn't seem likely to go ahead at the moment.Take a look at the video below to see how BMW visions the sports car of the future.



Hyundai CSS

Hyundai CSS Motor MouthEver since Hyundai launched the first Coupé questions have been asked in regards to a convertible version. The first Coupés were generally a fairly low end entry into the sports car sector but as newer models have been released the Coupé has established itself as a genuine challenger in this sector. The CSS was based on the 3rd generation model but unfortunately was released before the facelifted version in 2005 and as a result the front is not as pretty as the facelifted version. Hyundai opted for a sliding metal roof on the Coupé years before it was to become the norm for convertible manufacturers. Sadly it was never put into production and it seems like Hyundai has opted against releasing any Coupés in the UK in the future. The US market has seen two further outings for its 'Genesis Coupé' the 2012 model of which is simply stunning. It seems Hyundai doesn't believe the UK has a market for any of its luxury models.



Cadillac Sixteen

Cadillac SixteenThe Sixteen was a real life working monster. With a 32 valve V16 block that displaced 13.6 litres. This was paired with a surprising 4 speed automatic box that was real wheel driven. Very little is known about the performance of the car but was rumoured to produce around 1000 horsepower. Cadillac were rumoured to produce a scaled down version of the car with either a v8 or v12 but this never came into fruition. The car features in the 2006 film Click where Adam Sandler is seen driving it when he is catapulted into the future. The Sixteen never went into production for obvious reasons: the build was neither feasible nor would it meet legal or planning scrutiny. Rumour has it there are still working models out there.



Maserati Birdcage

Maserati BirdcageDesigned by Pininfarina there is no doubt that the Birdcage is simply stunning. The car is basically the vision of Pininfarina to celibrate its 75th anniversary but Maserati gave the project life and is reminiscent of the Maserati Birdcages of the 1960s. The car is built on the chassis of the MC12 GT1 race car and is powered by the Ferrari Dino F140 V12 that also powers the MC12 and the Ferrari Enzo. A documentary accompanies the design of the car named 'Sleek Dreams' that covers the 6 month design period of the Birdcage. The car doesn't feature any doors but a bubble that slides open to let the driver in. The concept doesn't feature any air conditioning and those that have tested it have been forced to open the door after it became unbearable inside the cockpit. 



TVR Cerbera Speed 12

TVR Cerbera Speed 12In the late 1990s manufacturers were all vying for the title of the most powerful supercar. This is a title that the Speed 12 wore with pride. It was designed not only to be a road car but also a GT1 class race car. Changes to the GT1 classification and the realisation that this car couldn't be used on the road led to it being abandoned as a production car. It's 7.7 litre engine was said to produce close to 1000 horsepower and was believed to be faster than McLaren F1 although none of this was ever proven. The car was tested on a dyno that was rated up to 1000 bhp but the test was never completed as the car broke the input drive of the dyno unit. The owner of TVR Peter Wheeler, an experienced racer, tested the car and came to the conclusion that it was undrivable on roads as it was too powerful. Although saying this car never went into production is not entirely true. One of the prototypes remained which was styled using the bodywork of the GT1 car and was sold to an enthusiast as a one off. The failure of the Cerbera seems to have signalled the end of high end British supercars as the car was build and assembled in Blackpool.


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