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Is this the craziest bike ever?

Yes that's right this is not Ferrari's latest concept car nor future release but the Fahrradi Farfalla FFX which is indeed a bike.

The Farfalla FXX is a copy of Ferrari's legendary FXX hypercar. But unlike the Ferrari, which you can't actually take home and must be kept and driven at Ferrari's test track, you can take the FFX home.

It's the spitting image of Ferrari's V12 hypercar but is in fact a bicycle with a clever disguise. The concoption is the result of Austrian bicyclist Hannes Langeder second attempt at copying the greats after his copy of the Porsche GT3 RS.

fahrradi-farfalla-ffx image rights reserved

The bike has a whopping price tag but has a number of cool features including doors that really put the gull in gullwing, flapping as you pedal. Langender has hinted that the car can actually fly although we have to admit we'd take this with a very large (handful sized) pinch of salt.

Ferrari's outing features the latest sequential gearbox with a little help from developments from Ferrari's F1 program that can shift in under 100 milliseconds. The FFX on the other hand features an 11-speed that can shift as quick as you can move your thumb (although if done too quickly the chain might come off).

In the engine department there is a large degree of similarity. The Ferrari is powered by a naturally aspirated V12 which can produce 789 bhp. Whereas the the FXX is powered by a naturally aspirated human which can produce nowhere near as much power as a horse.

Here's the big one we've skirted around so far, the price. It does cost £1.2million which is rather a lot more than your average outing from Halfords. It's an almost rediculous price tag that could get you in the region of a real FXX. Although it must be added that you can drive it on the roads as aptly shown in the video below.



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