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Surgically attached iPod

Tattoo artist Dave Hurban has gone one step further with has latest feature the iDermal. Hurban has successfully attached an iPod Nano to his wrist using a series of four magnets to hold the apple device to his wrist.

You cannot fault the logic, hasn't everyone thought to themselves: you know what's wrong with my watch, it has straps. I know how we can solve this... by attaching an iPod Nano to myself, that will do the trick.

iDermal - Motor MouthOkay, so how many of you answered yes? My guess is none unless you're name is Dave Hurban the tattoo artist that has worked in collaboration with Kaleidoscope Kreative to present the iDermal. Hurban inserts 4 magnets under his skin to attach the Nano to his wrist to wear it as a smart wristwatch. In the video below you can see how much effort goes into creating Dave's homage to the Silicon Valley giants. What's even more shocking is that he does all the work himself.

Although there is another option for anyone that isn't interested in having invasive surgery to attach an iPod to their wrist there is a much less intrusive option. For less that £20 you can get straps that fit the device to your wrist just like a watch. Perhaps someone should have told Dave before he went ahead with the surgery.

Is Hurban a trailblazer or just plain stupid? At Motor Mouth we think the idea is pretty cool but not sure we would go to the same lengths. One thing is for certain we're keeping tuned for his next project, an iPad to his chest, not that we're suggesting any ideas. 




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