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Will.i.am drops his new single 2012 style

Will admits his label hasn't even heard it yet but he released his newest song off the 2012 upcoming album #willpower to Capital FM listeners this morning. Being Will.i.am he couldn't just send a demo to the UK radio station to play but had to release the album in his own quirky and entrepreneurial style. 

Will.i.am on motor mouth

Will.i.am turned up this morning to Capital Radio's HQ unannounced and tried to get on the show to play his new song to the UK. Luckily for us he wasn't turned away empty handed and got to play us the newest track off his upcoming album #willpower.

He said: "I remember when I first got into wanting to do music. We used to go to a radio station in LOs Angeles and we used to sit in the lobby trying to get on air and it just made me feel alive like I was trying to do something."

Will is know for his unorthodox approach, an actor, fashion designer, has his own car manufacturer and even helps Intel as their "Director of Creative Innovation" to develop smartphones, tablets and laptops.

"So I just finished this song a couple of days ago on my laptop, times have changed, we're not really in the studio, then we filmed the video two days ago here in London and we edited it on laptops."

Will has admitted his label hasn't even heard the song yet but wanted to mix things up a little: "Well what are the other options? We give it to the label and the label does it traditional? Or we break tradition and realise that it's 2012 and we have laptops and tablets."

Will.i.am is a genuine refreshment to a music industry that is dominated by overly manufactured boy and girlbands and is a genuine pioneer in more than one field.

Check out the song here


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