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Has money spoilt football?

In 2012 Manchester City won the Premier League for the first time since 1968 overtaking United on points only in stoppage time on the final day of the season. But this success has come at a huge cost estimated to be around £1billion. Put into perspective it is hardly surprising that Sheikh Mansour has been able to turn the mid table club into inevitably a title winning outfit. Mansour followed a tried and tested formula in the Premier League that had previously been followed by Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich at Chelsea that led them to titles in 2005, 2006 and 2010.

Manchester City Parade 2012However this isn't just an occurrence that happens in the Premier League. Between 2001-2011 FC Barcelona have consistently spent well over €50million. This has ensured that Barcelona are able to secure the services of the best players on the planet. This has helped them secure La Liga on a number of occasions and back to back Champions League titles. It may be true that Barcelona do have an excellent youth setup that has produced the likes of Leo Messi yet set against their spending record their success is hardly surprising.
This is in stark contrast to teams such as Manchester United who have struggled with debt for the past few seasons. Football has always been dominated by money but now with wealthy financial backing a club can quickly turn their fortunes. Inversely teams such Manchester United, who amassed a degree of financial power through success at home and abroad, are no match for the tycoon powered clubs such as Manchester City.

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