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Al Capone's Cadillac for sale

If you're sat at home with a fist-full of cunning plans on how to circumvent prohibition or have been working on your Godfather accent for a while then this may be the purchase for you. Capone's old Cadillac may only have 90hp but sure does it pack a punch in the swag department. American Motor Auction company RM is auctioning off the car on the July 28th and expects to fetch up to $500,000 for the classic V8. The car, which only has 3 gears, was modified by Mr Capone in order to fully be able to attend to his business and protect himself in his particularly dangerous line of work.

Al Capone's CarThe car has a long and extremely interesting history and was even on display at Blackpool Fun Fair (in Manchester incorrectly according to the history of the car) but was taken off display at the request of the American government because of the “poor public relations it could cause by pointing up American Gangsterism.” The car included armour plating which was done at the specific request of Mr Capone and had other features such as bullet-proof glass and a rear screen that dropped to allow rear passengers to fire on tailing vehicles. 

In an interview Richard Capstran, the son of the auto-body-repair garage owner that fitted the armour plating, spoke of his meeting with Capone. After the Capstrans had repaired one of Capone's other cars to a high quality they found his latest purchase in their garage. Capstran explained how his father reacted when he was told the nature of the work: “My dad said, ‘we don’t do that kind of work here.’ And they (Capone’s men) said ‘you do now.’” Capone showed up himself to pay the bill and paid Ernest Capstran twice the asking price. Capone was even kind enough to give young Richard a $10 bill for his help on the car which was a small fortune to a young boy. 

The car not only is one of the first examples of a bullet-proof/armoured car but is testament to the culture that Capone emerged king of, a silent witness to the forerunner in tax evaders.


Source: RM Auctions

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