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Make your car truly smart

In car technology has often taken a while to catch up with the rest of the market. Whilst smartphones can monitor everything from our heartbeat, sleep patterns and even mood; only a few manufacturers are exploring the 'smart' abilities of cars.

On board diagnostics isn't a new concept: take your car to any garage with the engine management light on and this will be the first port of call. OBD-II readers have been around since the '90's but only the past few years has the consumer side been explored. 

Here's where Vinli comes in. Plug it into the OBD-II slot on your car and it will read all the data and send it back to your smartphone for your perusal. But what does this actually mean? Our of the box it will come supplied with around 20 apps from helping to monitor fuel consumption, awarding scored based on your driving, helping monitor vehicle use (for example by different users) to even calling for roadside assistance. All to be available via Android and iOS.

But what else? More, Vinli has on on-board 4G connection it's able to share via in house Wi-Fi hotspot board. There are a few cigarette lighter ports that do this already but Vinli is nicely tucked away with your OBD-II port. There's no talk of any tariffs in the UK but will cost $6 per 500MB in the US (via T-Mobile). For the monitoring apps this is all that will probably be required but Wi-Fi hotspotting will probably require much more. 

At $99 (under £63) Vinli represents a small investment. Potentially new firmware could be downloaded for your car's on board systems to boost MPG, or even performance. This is one to watch.

Do we really need the Royal Family?

As the new Royal baby emerges it sparks up the age old debate of the validity of the UK monarchy. France, Spain and many others have deposed of their monarchs whilst us Brits have clung on to ours as their power has slowly dinished. Although one of two grumbles are always audible the majority of the country, if not in support of our monarchy, then shows a certain degree of apathy towards the sacred family. So does the monarchy still play a role in todays society?


Mutewatch review

Since Patek Philippe created the first wristwatch in 1868 the watch has developed not only into a fashion item but a status symbol. A watch apparently says a lot about someone. So what does the Mutewatch say about you? Tech Geek, fashionista, technophile.


Shed a tear as Hotmail says farewell

Microsoft Launched hotmail 16 years ago on the 4th July 1996. Today marks a new era for Microsoft: the advent of its new Outlook.com experience as part of its rebranding. Is Hotmail really so uncool that Microsoft had to drop the brand? Favoured by spammers and hated by many is Microsoft cutting its losses or just updating the brand? We're sad to see it go.

Hazardous Play

Chelsea today are left with serious headache after being knocked out of the Capital One Cup to Premier League over-achievers Swansea. The controversy however surrounds the sending off of Chelsea starlet Eden Hazard for what appeared to be kicking a ball boy interferring with play.

When does Christmas Start?

It sounds like a silly question doesn't it. When does Christmas start... it's obvious isn't it the 25th December. But advertising agencies and brands seem to think it starts in mid-November. So when is it acceptable to start Christmas shopping and getting into the 'Christmas Cheer'. I know what you're all thinking. This is going to be a 'Scroogy' dictatorial piece on how not to enjoy Christmas. Well the fact is it isn't. I love Christmas just like everyone else but we need to clear a few things up first.

Broken Britain

In August of last year I was unfortunate enough to witness firsthand the riots which occurred in Manchester. The quarter I work in was one hit most heavily by the looters forcing all businesses including the office I work in to close. These were the events that led to David Cameron's declaration that we now live in a 'Broken Britain. A year and two months after the dust has settled is now a poignant time as ever to look into depth at Mr Cameron's comments and discuss their validity.

Panasonic TX-P42UT50B Review

Panasonic's 42" model of it's UT50B can be had for under £600 and certainly represents a lot of 'bang for your buck'. It's packed with features and although is a little light on the connections front still presents a good value mid range TV for a measly price. Plasma although is seen as a redundant technology has far many advantages over modern lcd (and led) TVs.

Two Faced Cat Goes Viral

This has to be one of the strangest crazes to catch in the past few weeks. The tail, sorry tale, of a the cat with two faces. Venus has become an overnight sensation across the globe for the distinct two faced markings on it's face.

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